Become A Committee Person


Committee Persons are the front line volunteers of the Democratic Party. Their dedicated work ensures their neighbors voices are heard and votes are counted.

Why should I become a committee person?

As committee person, you are the Democratic Party’s representative in your neighborhood. This means you have an opportunity to get people involved in Democratic initiatives in your community and you have access to the tools and structure provided by the Democratic party.

Committee persons vote to decide not only who the Democratic party will support to run for office, but also who will lead the party at the local and county level. If you want a say in who gets to represent your values, become a committee person!

What is my role as a committee person?

Talk to the Democrats in your precinct.​ As a committee person your job will be to stay in touch with the Democrats in your neighborhood. You provide information about candidates, help get petitions signed, and register new voters. You also represent the interests of the Democrats in your precinct to the local Democratic Party.

Staff your neighborhood polling place on Primary and General Election day. ​All you need are a few friends that are willing to stand out in front of the polls and hand out the sample ballot!

Serve as a poll watcher. With the proper certification from the Bureau of Elections, you will have the right to be inside the polling place on behalf of the Democratic party or specific candidates. At the end of both the primary and the general election, the committee person watches to make sure that the votes are counted correctly and that there are no discrepancies. This requires additional training which the party and campaigns will provide.

How do I become a committee person?

Contact Upper Darby Democrats to learn more and get started!