Democratic Elected Officials

For Upper Darby

We love getting our candidates elected to office! But once they get there, it’s up to all of us to make sure they do their jobs with integrity and work to further the Democratic agenda.

The job of every elected official is to serve their constituents. So, whether you need help with a problem, want to express your feelings about particular legislation, or seek to raise awareness about an issue, don’t hesitate to reach out to your representatives.

The following elected Democratic officials currently represent parts or all of Upper Darby Township.

Please check back in the new year for information about Democrats newly elected in November 2019.


Upper Darby Township Council

Barbarann Keffer Council-at-Large
Laura Wentz Council-at-Large
Bob Gwin 5th District
Sheikh M. Siddique 6th District
Sekela Coles 7th District

Upper Darby Township Treasurer

Scott Alberts

Upper Darby School Board

Edward Brown  President

Rachel Mitchell Vice President

Gina Curry
Donald Fields
Neil Desnoyers
Meredith Hegg

David Neil

Damien Christopher Warsavage

Leah Dawes


Delaware County Council

Brian Zidek Councilman
Phone: 610-891-4266 | Email:

Kevin Madden Councilman
Phone: 610-891-4253 | Email:


Pennsylvania General Assembly

Tim Kearney State Senator, 26th District

Mike Zabel State Representative, 163rd District

Margo Davidson State Representative, 164th District


Tom Wolf Governor


U.S. House of Representatives

Mary Gay Scanlon Representative, PA Congressional District 5

U.S. Senate

Bob Casey Senator